Sterling Silver Tongue Clasp – CL228809

925 sterling silver tongue clasp 2 strands with oval onyx 20 x 15 mm for DIY bracelet
Tongue clasp: It has a strong push-in button clasp with a flip over safety catch.
Length total with jumpring: 34 mm
Width : 20 mm
Tightness: 5 mm
Tightness with onyx: 11.50 mm
Jumpring inside dia. : 2.4 mm
Jumpring outside dia.: 4.20 mm
Gap/space between 2 jumpring/strand: 7.0 mm
Weight approximately: 18.50 – 19.00 gram a piece
Gemstones: Onyx 20 x 15 mm
Handmade excellent quality clasp

Sterling Silver Tongue Clasp 2 Strands


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