Healing Crystal and Wire Wrapped Jewelry


The small, double-terminated crystals are short and stubby, formed in a hard rock matrix giving them their strength. Herkimer crystal is also a valuable asset in its ability to receive and magnify the influence of other stones. It expands a small or soft energy stone, giving it the strength and effects of a much larger stone.

It has been used for hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain. Some sources suggest it is used to stabilize mental disorders. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.

In traditional circles, Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. However, we are seeing an increase of alternate stones being used, especially in Europe. Let us introduce you to one of them– The Herkimer Diamond: Stone of Attunement. The Herkimer Diamond is not a true Diamond. It is actually an extremely powerful, high frequency and high vibration double terminated Quartz crystal. It gets the “diamond” description due to its exceptional clarity, luster, and strength compared to most quartz.

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